Joinery is the art of tradespeople dedicated to joining primarily wood based products together adding those finished items to a project such as furniture, cabinets, doors and stairs. ForestOne searches the globe to find the best available products that once crafted form the unique joinery pieces you are looking for to add style to your project.

The term joinery covers many different products in projects both of a commercial or residential sense. The common recognition of joinery at its core is kitchens, but it is so much more than that. Any interior fit out that has wood based products used to serve a purpose or fill a space is considered joinery. 
Fundamentally all decorative brands at ForestOne fit into this category. The great news is that there are thousands of joiners across the county to bring your project to life, some of which are highlighted on Our Partners.


EGGER is our premium brand of joinery products. For residential and commercial projects ForestOne carries a wide range of colours and styles to suit all types of finished joinery needs including kitchens, bathrooms, doors and furniture. 
The versatility of EGGER doesn’t stop there. ForestOne laminates not only serve a purpose as a durable benchtop material, but can also bring furniture to life through the use of curves.

C-Series End of Trip Facility pictured below. 

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MEGANITE is our acrylic Solid Surface partner. Used primarily as benchtops, MEGANITE can also be utilised as furniture and wall linings. 
The ability to apply infinite curves to a furniture piece provides unlimited uses for this clever and innovative product. Best of all, unlike other materials available it is 100% Silica-free making it completely safe for trades people.

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COLOURpyne is honest, hard working with a solid colour range covering the most commonly used joinery decors. 
Found mostly in the residential market, COLOURpyne is well positioned against other brands available in Australia.

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Our exclusive inFORM brand is a well respected brand of laminate used in joinery applications. 
With its stone and marble replicas it helps meet the needs of the budget conscious renovator or new home client.

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Plywood is often used in joinery bringing nature from outside to the interior of a building. 
With sheer elegance Designer Ply plays an important role in many projects seeking use of natural materials. 
DESIGNER PLY can be powder coated, perforated, and even printed to provide a sense of style and individualism to any project.

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