Sustainable building starts with Specifying Responsibly.

The construction of residential and commercial buildings and other infrastructure has a significant impact on people, our communities and the environment. At ForestOne, we support architects and designers to make responsible choices with a range of high-quality products making a lesser impact on the environment.

What does ‘Specified Responsibly’ mean?

A sustainable building is the outcome of responsible material specification, which aligns the efficient use of resources with overarching aims to reduce a building’s impact on the environment during its lifecycle.

Through responsible material selection, specifiers can minimize environmental impacts by reducing reliance on natural resources, using reclaimed & recyclable materials, avoiding materials with high embodied emissions, or by simply creating less waste.

Responsible specification also means the avoidance of materials that may have been produced through unethical practices, or otherwise pose a threat to human health and well-being. Providing the best-in-class materials for responsible specification is the ForestOne mission; for this reason, we recommend the EGGER range of sustainably sourced decorative surface products. 

Alongside its sustainable building products, ForestOne is undertaking a range of initiatives to be more responsible in the way it operates its business. Seen in the execution of environmentally mindful practices, such as using hybrid cars and delivery trucks, LED lighting, solar panels and even using 100% recyclable packaging for our products.

ForestOne exemplifies conscious business decisions which benefit the environment.