Championing the solid surface aspect of the ForestOne offering, Meganite offers a selection of benchtop materials and basins that subvert expectations for practical interior features. The product collections, including the sophisticated Antegra Sink range, represent the elevation of aesthetics in coherence with superior functionality.

Founded in 1976, Meganite has established a reputation for its significant contributions to the construction industry. The brand of today draws upon its creative history in order to continue the innovation of acrylic solid surfaces, emerging with products that are durable, easy to clean and maintain, thermoformable, and visually reminiscent of natural stone.

Complementing any interior design scheme, Meganite basins and sinks are crafted with the customer experience in mind. Available in a variety of sizes, the basins offer designers an effortless means of creating around a set spatial plan, enhancing the qualities of rooms both large and small.

The product range evokes imaging of crystals, echoing the appeal of the elegant natural forms. While basins Agate, Dolomite, Moonstone and Opal embrace the soothing quality of a soft, curved border, Topaz, Tourmaline and Quartz translate the crystal inspiration into a more rectilinear structure. Representing the transition between the ideas of hard and soft are basins Zircon, Halite and Diamond.

All stocked basins are available in the crisp colour of Snow White and every product arrives with an accessory kit, as well as a pop-up Lira Universal Waste System that complies with industry standards. Undermount basins will either be provided with an overflow kit or will possess an inbuilt system to manage excess liquid.