All EGGER products form a proud reflection of the brand philosophy, which centres on achieving net zero – minimising carbon footprint as much as possible – and following the circular economy model throughout production and consumption.

Decorative Board

The EGGER decorative board selection at ForestOne includes Eurodekor, Eurolight, PerfectSense, and Flammex. ‘Eurodekor’ refers to wood-based boards coated with a décor paper. The support material or substrate can be made from either chipboard or MDF, both moisture resistant.

Advantages of Eurodekor Faced Chipboard

  • 76% recycled content including 24% post-consumer recycled
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard
  • -13.86kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extra large sheet for greater design flexibility and freedom

Advantages of PerfectSense MDF

  • Anti-fingerprint Matt finish or High Gloss finish
  • Suitable for vertical and low use horizontal applications
  • Low gloss level to reflect natural yet hyper-realistic play of colours and tones (matt only)
  • Extra large sheet for greater design flexibility and freedom
  • Anti-bacterial as standard
  • Chemical resistant as standard (matt finish only)
  • -10.2kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)

Advantages of EGGER Decorative Eurolight

  • 66% recycled content including 23% post-consumer recycled
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard (prefinished panels)
  • -7.86kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)
  • 88% of material from renewable sources

EGGER Eurolight boards have strong top and bottom layers made of particleboard that encloses a robust, hexagonal, cardboard honeycomb core.

Despite being lightweight, the boards offer a stable surface which enables numerous design and construction possibilities to be realised. In addition to the robust 50mm thick sheets available, raw sheets are also provided in 38mm and 50mm thickness options.

Advantages of EGGER Flammex

  • 65% recycled content
  • Group 1 Fire Rating in Australia
  • Complements other joinery pieces where fire ratings are not required
  • No droplets while burning
  • Low smoke emission
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard
  • Edges can be painted with specialty finishing paint

EGGER Flammex injects a sense of elegance into the expression of fire-safe performance. The panels can be used for wall and ceiling linings or furniture that requires a Group 1 Fire Rating, which also covers Group 2 necessities.

2800mm x 2070mm x 18mm Flammex decorative panels have been tested in Australia in accordance with AS 5637.1-2015 and satisfy the requirements of the National Construction Code 2019.


EGGER laminates are among some of the best to be sold worldwide, representing the balance of form and function. While presenting a diverse visual aspect spanning across the aesthetics of timber and the tonal spectrum the range also performs practical functions, adhering to horizontal, vertical and rounded surfaces whilst withstanding medium-to-high stress.

Included in the Egger laminate selection are décors categorised as either Material, Solid, Woodgrain, PerfectSense or Feelwood.

Solid offers blocks of colour consistently applied, evocative of the likes of pistachio, saffron, and rose. Woodgrain explores the visual variation found in different species of timber whilst PerfectSense champions the steadiness of an anti-fingerprint, matt finish. Extending the Woodgrain concept, Feelwood enjoys a tactile similarity to real timber.

Advantages of EGGER Laminates

  • Anti bacterial and chemical resistant as standard (excludes PerfectSense Gloss)
  • Very low embodied carbon at 2.03kg CO2/m2
  • Hygienic and food-safe
  • Available in décors and textures which coordinate with other EGGER products

Compact Laminates

With a multi-layered composition, EGGER compact laminates are adapted to high levels of use and wet locations. The robust iteration of EGGER laminate enjoys the same connection to décors of Material, Solid, Woodgrain and Feelwood origin. Widely used in applications such as partitioning and furniture, compact laminates are finding their way into benchtop applications on a monumental scale.

As an alternative to stone, marble and granite benchtops EGGER compact laminates combine a sense of durability with an elevated aesthetic.

Advantages of EGGER Compact Laminates

  • Match perfectly to other EGGER materials such as laminate and decorative board
  • Extra large sheet size - perfect for unisex/ambulant toilet partitioning requirements
  • Anti-bacterial and SEFA 3 chemical resistant as standard
  • Perfect for high-stress applications
  • White core variation available.
  • Food safe certified


Edged and ready for installation, EGGER worktops capture the sense of effortlessness and refinement upon which the brand has built its reputation. Customers can choose from a diverse range of décors that traverse the aesthetics of stone, concrete, slate or timber offering an unprecedented degree of creative freedom.

Each EGGER worktop décor is available with either double-sided edging – measuring 3650 x 920 x 38mm – or single-sided edging which captures 3650 x 600 x 38mm. All side edging matches the chosen finish of the worktop, establishing a cohesive final product.

In addition, every EGGER postformed worktop has an industry leading 3mm tight radius top and bottom which is supported with an additional strip of particleboard for enhanced strength. Matching quarter-cut edging is also available for the Feelwood finish option in order to authentically pay homage to a solid piece of timber.

Advantages of EGGER Worktops

  • Postformed or Square edged options available
  • Resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches
  • Hygienic and food-safe
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Matching EGGER décors available for seamless designs
  • Made of 76% recycled material including 24% post-consumer recycled
  • 88% of the material is from renewable resources
  • Antibacterial and chemical resistant as standard


Pairing a sense of sophistication with inherent functionality, EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is a laminate product designed to withstand the stresses of everyday life. Connected to a flexible installation system – CLICit! – the product entails a rapid installation and dismantlement process and can be installed on top of tiles or suitable substrates.

As an ethical business, EGGER only uses sustainably-sourced wood from certified regional forestry and EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec utilises 55% post-industrial recycled content.

Comprising 4 layers, EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is constructed in order to form an intuitive addition to the interior environment.

  • The outermost layer is hard-wearing, stain-resistant, water-resistant for up to 72 hours.
  • Layer 2 is an authentic décor, resembling aesthetic qualities of wood or concrete.
  • Layer 3 is a water-resistant GreenTec board, which forms the supportive component of the flooring.
  • Layer 4 is a recycled cork underlay which absorbs both impact and sound.

Key Advantages of EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec

  • Durable, resistant to micro-scratches
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 7 décor options
  • Water-resistant up to 72 hours
  • Sustainable: PVC-free, 100% wood comes from regional certified forestry, manufactured from 55% post-industrial recycled content
  • Quick installation - direct direct stick or floating
  • Class 33 wear rating (suitable for commercial applications)
  • R10/P4 slip rating
  • 25-year residential guarantee
  • 5-year commercial guarantee

Décor Options

  • Pitaru Oak - EPD033
  • Natural Berdal Oak - EPD034
  • Creative Berdal Oak - EPD035
  • Natural Almington Oak - EPD041
  • Dark Almington Oak - EPD042
  • Dark Brown Preston Oak - EPD007
  • Chromix Silver - EPD046