ABS Edging

Challenging the notion that different materials can’t blend cohesively in terms of look and feel, EGGER ABS Edging helps to dispel that myth with sheer contempt. EGGER’s Edging solutions are unrivaled and perfectly suited to all products produced with European precision.

Produced in EGGER’s own factory, the colour match and texture difference between the edging, panels and even laminate is practically unnoticeable. The meticulous attention to detail aids to focus attention to the overall consistent appearance of each panel rather than highlight the differences between its components. EGGER’s ABS Edging completes the look of each panel and protects from damage. 

ForestOne stocks all EGGER décors in the Australian collection in matching ABS, not just traditional 23mm widths, but also extra wide sizes. This caters for the growing trend of shark nose doors and panels. 

Significant thought and care is poured into wider designs as proportions are delicately maintained to ensure the result achieves a realistic perspective; not just an enlarged version of standard width.

Just as impressive is the end grain edging available for EGGER’s Feelwood range detailing an incredibly authentic sense of a freshly sawn piece of timber. 

Plywood look is also available through EGGER’s use of Multiplex Edging which mimics the look and feel of real Plywood. 


  • Optically and haptically matched to the respective board décor and texture
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • All décors available in 23mm and 43mm widths
  • Additional décors available in 28mm and 54mm widths
  • Up to 100mm width available