Wet Areas

Wet area materials perform successfully in high-moisture environments such as the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen. The ForestOne selection of wet area materials succeeds in its ability to maintain a refined aesthetic whilst resisting the damaging effects of water.

When seeking products for wet area applications it is critical to understand the performance differences of certain product groups against their intended applications. 

Decorative board by EGGER and COLOURpyne are suitable for use in areas where moisture is present. Laminates can be used in wet areas too, providing they are adhered to a moisture resistant substrate. Other lining products, such as EasyCraft are available on a variety of substrates, all of which have differing water repelling properties. 

DESIGNER GROOVE is supplied with a highly moisture resistant substrate that is superior to the normal moisture resistance of MDF. This product can be used in wet or dry areas without added waterproofing protection. 

Compact laminate (EGGER and WallART) and acrylic solid surface (MEGANITE) are non-porous to withstand a significant amount of water. The intended use is specific to more water prone areas such as shower wall linings or bases, partitioning systems, and high humidity areas such as washrooms. 

Weathertex and Shadowclad are specifically designed to be used as exterior walls.

The ultimate wet area product of them all is Tricoya, a fibreboard product that boasts a 50 year exterior warranty, and 25 year in-ground warranty.

ForestOne Ranges of Wet Area Materials

  • EGGER Compact Laminate, EGGER Laminate, EGGER Decorative Board
  • COLOURpyne
  • Easycraft 
  • WallART
  • Weathertex
  • inFORM
  • Shadowclad