Solid Surfaces

Championing the solid surface aspect of the ForestOne offering, Meganite offers a selection of sheets and basins that subvert expectations for practical interior features. The product collections, including the sophisticated Antegra Sink range, represent the elevation of aesthetics in coherence with superior functionality.

Solid surface comes in many brands and configurations available from a number of companies around the world. Used primarily as an alternative material to engineered stone, it is often used in benchtop or counter top applications. Solid surfaces can be moulded into shapes through a process called thermoforming. This enables designers to allow their creativity to shine without compromise.

Exclusive to ForestOne, and founded in 1976 in the USA, Meganite is a manufacturer of solid surface that is 100% acrylic based. 

They have established a reputation for significant contributions to the construction industry globally. The brand draws upon its creative history in order to continue the innovation of acrylic solid surfaces, emerging with products that are durable, easy to clean and maintain, thermoformable, and visually reminiscent of natural stone. 

Topically, and most importantly, Meganite is 100% Silica-free  completely. This provides a safe product to handle, fabricate and ultimately install into projects daring to be different in using this innovative material.  Meganite is a like-minded company to ForestOne always implementing improvements to processes to aid their ESG targets. For more information on Meganite refer to Our Brands page.