Group 1 Fire Resistant

Fire ratings are a critical component of safety requirements for commercial buildings. ForestOne has several decorative panels suitable for internal walls, ceiling and joinery that meet the stringent Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.

Australia’s strict laws apply to a building’s interior and exterior. Establishing a sense of safety, ForestOne fire-resistant products for use as interior applications include those which possess the highest available and most stringent Fire Rating - Group 1. 

ForestOne offers 3 brands that comply with the latest building codes as interior finishes. 

EGGER Flammex

EGGER Flammex is approved as a Group 1 in Australia. Tested in accordance with AS 5637.1 - 2015 and satisfying the requirements of the National Construction code, EGGER Flammex is a decorative board suitable for use in wall linings, ceiling panels and even joinery such as reception areas in commercial spaces where Group 1 is required.

ForestOne currently keeps a range of solid decors and woodgrains in stock, ready for installation. The robustness of 18mm EGGER Flammex panels is a perfect proposition in areas that may be subject to relatively high impact such as school hallways. 
EGGER Flammex is available in an extra large sheet size allowing for greater design flexibility and the surface is anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard. 

College of Adult Education (CAE) pictured below. 


Where versatility of substrate is important, look no further than FR+. 

Utilising the well known and respected intumescent coating product Fireshield, ForestOne can supply any timber based substrate 8mm or greater as a fully protected system under the FR+ brand to suit current building code regulations. 

Pairing with our Designer Ply range provides authentic and natural beauty with required protection. For further details, head to our Connect With A Rep page and talk to our knowledgeable team about other fire rated products in the ForestOne range.


The entire MEGANITE range (12mm thickness) has been tested and approved as a Group 1 in Australia. 
MEGANITE can be used in installations such as reception counters in public buildings near exits where often, Group 1 is mandatory.