ForestOne’s range of flooring covers products that are specifically either decorative or structural in their functionality. Whilst decorative is seen and structural is not, both serve their own purpose in commercial or residential installations.

Decorative Flooring

EGGER PRO Collection Design Flooring - GreenTec

Combining a sense of refinement with inherent functionality, EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is a laminate product designed to withstand the stresses of everyday life.

Connected to a flexible installation system – CLICit! – the product entails a rapid installation and dismantlement process and can be applied on top of tiles or other general substrates. As an ethical business, EGGER only uses sustainably-sourced wood from certified regional forestry and EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec utilises 55% post-industrial recycled content.


Comprising 4 layers, EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec is constructed in order to form an intuitive addition to the interior environment.

  1.  The top layer is a hard-wearing, stain-resistant surface that is also water-resistant for up to 72 hours
  2.  Layer 2 is an authentic décor mirroring the aesthetic qualities of either wood or concrete
  3.  Layer 3 is water-resistant GreenTec board, forming the supportive bulk of the flooring
  4.  Layer 4 is an integrated recycled cork underlay that absorbs both impact and sound

Features and Advantages of EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec

  • Durable, resistant to micro-scratches
  • Easy to clean
  • Available with 7 décor options
  • Water-resistant surface layer for up to 72 hours
  • Sustainable: No PVC, No Platicisers and completely free of VOC’s
  • Quick installation - direct stick or floating
  • Class 33 wear rating - suitable for commercial applications
  • R10/P4 anti-slip rating
  • Designed to work with under floor heating
  • 25-year residential guarantee
  • 5-year commercial guarantee

Structural Flooring

Inhered with the qualities of strength and refinement, the collection provides options for thickness and treatment which meet the requirements of any design project. Coverings such as vinyl, ceramic tiles, slate, parquetry and carpet can be fitted atop the ForestOne offering with ease.

Plywood Flooring

Plywood – an engineered wood – is made from thin sheets of wood veneer. Stacked together in opposing directions, the plies are bonded with heat and adhesives to create the composite outcome. In contrast to plain wood, plywood flooring has a reduced likelihood of cracking, shrinking and warping – it also surpasses its competitor in strength. Tongue and Groove plywood is both sturdy and stable, with a pre-sanded C-grade face panel available in a range of thicknesses suitable for use in structural and non-structural flooring.

Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard flooring is a well-established product in the Australian residential building industry, providing significant cost savings through its economy and lighter construction. ForestOne particleboard flooring is available with fungus resistance, termite resistance, or fire retardancy. Specifications for particleboard flooring can be found in AS 1860.1 and installation requirements in AS 1860.2.