Decorative Boards

Considered synonymous with quality and functionality, the ForestOne range of Decorative Board used primarily for cabinetry and door panels offers an enduring and refined presentation. Capturing four collections from two distinct brands, the diverse range allows designers aesthetic freedom whilst crafting an interior.

The ForestOne Range of Cabinetry and Door Panels include several brands and sub-brands:

  • EGGER Eurodekor
  • EGGER Eurolight
  • EGGER Flammex
  • COLOURpyne

EGGER Eurodekor

‘Eurodekor’ is EGGER’s term for what we know here in Australia as Decorative Board. Used in joinery items such as kitchens, cupboards, wardrobes and certain types of furniture, it is available in two different types of substrate - Particleboard (chipboard) or MDF. Cabinet Makers, Joiners, Shopfitters or Furniture Manufacturers receive a flat sheet of Eurodekor Decorative Board (typically 18mm or 25mm thick), cut into the required sizes and apply ABS edging to provide the finished panel.

Advantages of Eurodekor Faced Chipboard 

  • 65% recycled content (23% post-consumer)
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard
  • -13.8kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extra Large sheet for greater design flexibility and freedom

Advantages of PerfectSense MDF 

  • Anti-fingerprint Matt finish or High Gloss finish
  • Suitable for vertical and low use horizontal applications
  • 74% post-industrial recycled content
  • Extra Large sheet for greater design flexibility and freedom
  • Anti-bacterial as standard
  • Chemical resistant as standard (matt finish only)
  • Excellent profiling capabilities
  • -10.2kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)

EGGER Eurolight

EGGER Eurolight are lightweight decorative boards with top and bottom particleboard layers that encloses a robust, hexagonal, cardboard honeycomb core. Eurolight is available in a range of predetermined colours (refer to the colours page and select 50mm filter for decors) as part of our Decorative Board selection.

Advantages of EGGER Decorative Eurolight

  • Lightweight yet robust
  • 66% recycled content (23% post-consumer)
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard (prefinished panels)
  • -7.86kg CO2/m2 (negative carbon footprint)
  • 88% of material from renewable sources

EGGER Flammex

EGGER Flammex injects a sense of elegance into the expression of fire-safe performance as a Group 1 rated Decorative Board. Flammex panels can be used for wall and ceiling linings or furniture that requires a Group 1 Fire Rating, which also covers Group 2 necessities. Tested in Australia in accordance with AS 5637.1-2015 EGGER Flammex provides a cost effective Group 1 fire rated option that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Advantages of EGGER Flammex

  • 65% recycled content (23% post-consumer)
  • Low flammability and achieves a Group 1 fire rating in Australia
  • Complements other joinery pieces where fire ratings are not required
  • No droplets while burning
  • Low smoke emission
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant as standard
  • Cost-competitive in comparison to other Group 1 options
  • Edges can be painted with specialty finishing paint or panels butt joined


Using melamine technology, COLOURpyne provides high-quality, durable panels set at a reasonable price. The cost-effective range features a selection of contemporary solids, classic prints and authentic woodgrains, uplifted by options for finishing. Talk to your local ForestOne Specification Rep for further details.