Ceiling Lining

ForestOne has been innovating the ceiling lining industry for decades, from creating the Designer Ply range to generating the Group 1 Fire Rated panel system. Grooved or flat, powder coated or laminated, ForestOne has the right option for your next project with an unrivaled focus on sustainable sourcing of beautiful and fit for purpose materials.

Ceiling linings can play a pivotal role in defining the look and feel of an interior space. Choosing the right ceiling product can complement other aspects of the designed area including the walls, floors and other joinery pieces within.
Whether it’s from plywood, decorative board, or a completely independent material the ceiling can truly define the flow of the area.

Ceiling battens or fins produced from EGGER Eurolight offer a feature that mimics real timber beams. Applications such as these are more cosmetic in their purpose as their placement is often underneath a secondary building ceiling.

Defining the contemporary build, insulation establishes greater energy efficiency which reduces power plant CO2 emissions and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. It also plays a role in reducing energy usage and costs. With the potential to absorb sound in certain applications, insulation can enable the creation of serene acoustic environments which indicate a considered approach to design.

ForestOne DESIGNER PLY perforated ceiling lining offers acoustic backing, providing sound absorption from exterior elements. This plays a part in keeping out harmful pollutants, allergens, and chemicals too.

ForestOne Ranges of Ceiling Linings

  • DESIGNER PLY (pictured) 
  • FR + Group 1 Panels
  • V Groove Pine Lining 
  • EGGER Eurolight, EGGER Eurodekor
  • Easycraft