ForestOne provides the Australian market with four uniquely beautiful benchtop solutions. All our benchtops are 100% Silica-free and include many other benefits. Whether you are looking for a décor that mimics stone, granite, marble, slates, or real timber, our range offers choices to suit all styles.

ForestOne benchtop ranges

  • MEGANITE Solid Surface
  • EGGER Compact Laminate
  • EGGER and InForm Laminates
  • EGGER pre-finished Laminate Worktops



  • Anti-microbial. Suitable for use in hospitals (MEGANITE AcryMed)
  • Non-Porous (MEGANITE) 
  • Thermoformable (able to be curved) with seamless joins (MEGANITE)
  • Anti-bacterial properties (EGGER Laminates, Worktops and Compact Laminate)
  • Chemical resistant (EGGER Laminates, Worktops and Compact Laminate)

Download Benchtop Solutions Brochure.

Solid Surface 

Solid Surface benchtops grant the freedom to introduce curves into your benchtop design. MEGANITE solid surface can be utilised as splashbacks with the ability to integrate both components through the clever art of seaming. MEGANITE sheets can be joined together providing a near invisible, inconspicuous join that even the trained eye will have difficulty in finding. All MEGANITE surfaces are 100% repairable with the ability to polish and restore to original condition.

MEGANITE is available in a range of décors that replicate stone and marble. The latest addition to the range includes solid surface Terrazzo’s. To learn more, discover our Solid Surface range.


Compact Laminate 

Compact Laminate has been used for years in high impact applications mostly in commercial settings. Recently, this innovative and robust product has been finding its way into benchtop applications. With a 13mm profile, EGGER Compact Laminate offers a minimalist look that is sought after in benchtops both in residential and commercial applications. EGGER Compact Laminate is highly durable and 100% Silica-free. To learn more, discover our Compact Laminate range.



EGGER Laminate is truly a remarkable product. These laminates not only have anti-bacterial properties, but also chemical resistance, available in many décors and finishes. 

Laminates are also available from the InForm range which combines style, durability, and effortless cleaning. Both EGGER and InForm laminates are the most cost-effective options of all four benchtops so you can select a stunning benchtop within budget. To learn more, discover our Laminate range.



The ForestOne range of pre-finished EGGER Worktops work beautifully in domestic and commercial settings. With two depths available (600mm single edged and 920mm double edged for island or wider benchtops) Worktops only need to be cut down to appropriate length from blanks provided. The range is available in several stone and marble look finishes as well as a range of realistic timber grains. 

EGGER end grain ABS Edging for short end ensures your authentic looking worktop looks like a sawn piece of real timber (pictured). To learn more, discover our Worktops range.