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Environmentally-Friendly Style and Substance – Eurodekor® Melamine Faced Chipboard By EGGER

Offering a range of tried and tested products to inspire both furniture and interior design in both residential and commercial settings, through the Eurodekor® Melamine Faced Chipboard range, EGGER removes any need for compromise when it comes to quality, performance, versatility, aesthetics and sustainability. The product offers endless possibilities with texture, tone and colour and perfectly matched with ABS edging, to offer a complete design for door fronts, shelving, wardrobes and wall cladding – all while promoting a responsibly specified product with a focus on sustainability.

In developing Eurodekor® Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), EGGER has considered the many factors involved in designing for different spaces – from aesthetic design concerns to regulatory compliance. The product consists of raw chipboard that has been laminated with decorative paper on either side. The Eurodekor® offering is a full system of matching décors and surfaces from laminate with ABS edging, to compact laminate and Eurolight lightweight panels, it is easily cut, edged and processed as a finished decorative product for horizontal and vertical applications. With Eurodekor®, EGGER has pioneered the Feelwood Synchronised Pore Woodgrain, which is a unique design allowing for what is seen to be truly felt! Whether designing for door fronts, shelves, wardrobes or wall claddings, the product is an optimal choice. Easy to process and maintain, Eurodekor® MFC is ready to use, with no staining, oiling or other protective measures needed.

Alongside the product’s aesthetic advantages and wide range of applications, it is both sustainable and compliant with Australian standards. Eurodekor® MFC is Super E0 Formaldehyde and antibacterial certified, and with the implementation of Flammex, a certified fire-retardant product, it enables design for fire-safety with style. Comprising 23 per cent post-consumer content and 42 per cent post-industrial content, Eurodekor® MFC is manufactured from a total of 65 per cent recycled content and consists of 85% renewable resources. As a wood-based material, it sequesters more carbon than is emitted in its production and transport, ensuring it has a negative carbon footprint! In addition to these qualities, EGGER complies with transparent third-party certification, giving full access to necessary information for all products.

Through ForestOne, EGGER can be accessed in every capital city with a full complement of decors and products available for sample in each state. For architects, designers, trades and builders, Eurodekor® Melamine Face Chipboard is a tried and tested combination of timeless style and substance.

Author: Brett Winchester
Photography: Images courtesy of ForestOne and EGGER.

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